The Kidnapping of Fux Banker

(Únos bankére Fuxe)

Czech Republic 1923. Dir Karl Anton.

New musical accompaniment by DJ Charles Kriel and “funny face”.

Introduced by Marketa Uhlirova, Fashion in Film Festival’s Director and Curator.

Made during the time of Czech cinema’s deepening crisis, the country’s film industry had big expectations from this American-style comedy, which did prove an instant box office hit. Depicting a wicked fantasy of a luxurious middle-class lifestyle, The Kidnapping has an excellent cast including Karel Lamac and Anny Ondra (star of Hitchcock’s Blackmail [1929] and The Manxman [1929]), and also features a unique cameo appearance by the fêted Parisian couturier Paul Poiret (as himself) who toured to Prague with his six mannequins, staging several bombastic fashion shows there in early December 1923.

Charles Kriel is a London-based artist, producer and DVJ. Previously at BBC Radio 1 and featured in Ars Electronica, Venice Biennale and the Royal Opera House, he has been dubbed "The godfather of DVJing." In this new musical piece Kriel will be drawing on his residence in Prague between 1993-1995, where he was an artist, journalist and a fan of Czech experimental music.


BFI Southbank NFT1 Sunday 25 May 2008, 18:20