The Inferno Unseen

France 1964

World Premiere. In partnership with MUBI and Lobster Films. With live music by Rollo Smallcombe.


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Running time c. 65 minutes.

In partnership with Lobster Films and MUBI, we are proud to present a newly mastered cut of rushes created in 1964 in preparation for Henri-Georges Clouzot’s film The Inferno, which was never finished. Together with his cinematographers Andréas Winding and Armand Thirard, Clouzot staged seemingly endless kinetic and optical experiments focusing primarily on actress Romy Schneider performing simple, seductive actions in carefully composed mises-en-scène. Departing from Serge Bromberg’s critically acclaimed documentary about the making of Clouzot’s film (2009), The Inferno Unseen focuses solely on Clouzot’s intoxicating visions, allowing them to build up their own momentum as they unfurl in all their glory.


This event was co-produced with Kiri Inglis at MUBI, and Serge Bromberg and Maria Chiba at Lobster Films. The musical score incorporates voice recordings of Serge Bromberg by Ben Rylan, presenter of Monocle’s The Cinema Show.


Rollo Smallcombe is a London based music producer, composer and film maker. As one half of electronic music duo Deeds, he has recently performed alongside various contemporaries including Pantha Du Prince, The Orb and The Field. His own sonic inspirations range from the early experiments of Musique Concrete through to modern video-game, film and horror scores such as It Follows and Utopia.


Barbican, Sunday 25 March 2017; 16:30