Shelley Fox 14

UK 2002. Dir Shelley Fox in collaboration with SHOWstudio.

A short film produced in collaboration with the London-based fashion and art broadcasting company SHOWstudio to showcase British designer Shelly Fox’s Spring/Summer ’05 womenswear collection. Shelley Fox 14 was approached much in the way a standard fashion shoot might evolve. Where the piece deviates most from conventional film is that it was not captured as moving footage by a DP. More like a “moving magazine story”, it was collated from still images by SHOWstudio’s graphic designers, Paul Hetherington and Paul Bruty, and then animated in Flash on a Mac. The resultant film reveals more about the tastes, intentions and working methods of its authors than the characters of its model protagonists. As such, Shelley Fox 14 shows how most contemporary fashion portraits are achieved through projection onto the models’ bodies more than by directing them to express something personal about them.