Red Heels

(Das Speilzeug von Paris/ La Poupée de Paris)

Austria, Germany, France 1925. Dir Michael Curtiz.

With Lili Damita, Georges Tréville. Sets Artur Berger. 90 min

Red Heels was adapted from Margery Lawrence’s novel of the same title. Set in Parisian cabarets and revue theatres, the film articulates the moral panic surrounding free-spirited women performers in a big city. While Red Heels may be somewhat clichéd in this sense, its portrayal of Parisian vice was also a pretext to showcase remarkable aesthetic achievements in staging, choreography, costuming and, of course, cinematography. The film was shot on locations in Paris and Vienna and also boasts some stunning backstage music hall scenes that showcase dance costumes in close-up.