My Fancy High Heels

Taiwan 2010

Featuring a post-screening panel discussion with Orsola de Castro, Kate Hills and Alice Wilby, chaired by Bel Jacobs


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Please be aware that this film contains explicit footage of animal slaughter that people may find upsetting.


My Fancy High Heels is an experimental documentary that traces fashion back to its materials, and through the production chain, revealing the troubling process that haunts the latest trends. While not pointing her finger at obvious villains, director Chao-ti Ho reveals very visible victims. From its opening delight in a pair of high heels on Manhattan sidewalks to its ambiguous animated conclusion, Ho raises issues with gentle intensity and sometimes disturbing images.

Taiwan 2010. Dir. Chao-ti Ho. Music Chih-hao Ke.


+ A Lady’s Shoe

Czechoslovakia 1935. Dir. Elmar Klos for Baťa shoe factory; with cinematography by Alexander Hackenschmied.


+ Cotton Counts

UK 1951. Produced by Technical & Scientific Films; sponsored by Cotton Board.


Orsola de Castro is an internationally recognized opinion leader in sustainable fashion. She is co-founder of Fashion Revolution, an organization dedicated to raising public awareness of the continuing social and environmental catastrophes in our global fashion supply chains. 

Alice Wilby is co-founder of Novel Beings, a boutique style agency, which exclusively represents conscious creatives for the fashion, beauty and advertising industries. 

Kate Hills is founder and editor of Make it British, an initiative which promotes British craftsmanship and production. She organizes the Meet the Manufacturer trade show and regularly advises businesses of all sizes on how to find and work with UK manufacturers. 

Bel Jacobs is a fashion, beauty and culture journalist whose blog aims to highlight the most imaginative initiatives in fashion today.  She was nominated as Fashion Journalist of the Year In July 2013, at the inaugural Fashion Monitor journalism awards,


Genesis Cinema Wednesday 22 Mar 2017, 20:30