Metamorphoses: Clothing in Motion from Early Cinema to Contemporary Fashion Film

This seminar will look at clothing and adornment in film as a device of pleasure and sartorial knowledge; one that has had a long history in shaping cinema’s aesthetic languages. It will articulate some of the connections between early, experimental and underground cinema, as well as the contemporary “fashion film” and more, asking questions about stillness and motion, the material specificities of clothing on the screen, and the contexts (technological and other) of their production and dissemination that allowed for dress to be a prominent player in new experiments in image-making.

Moderator: Eugenia Paulicelli Respondent: Robert Singer Speakers: Marketa Uhlirova: Costume as a Special Effect: Early Cinema and Beyond Antonia Lant: The Painted Lady (1912) by D. W. Griffith Ronald Gregg: Orientalism and Fashion in 1960s Underground Film Penny Martin: Fashion Film and Before

The Elebash Recital Hall Tuesday 19 Apr 2011, 2.30 - 5.30 pm