The Inhuman Woman

France 1924. Dir Marcel L'Herbier.

With Jaque Catelain, Georgette Leblanc, Philippe Hériat.

Costumes Paul Poiret, Yose, Maison Granier.

Anticipating the 1925 Paris Exposition, this cult science-fiction drama was conceived as an ambitious opera arte totale on which L’Herbier famously collaborated with many prominent figures of the inter-war cultural avant-garde, including designers Alberto Cavalcanti and Claude Autant-Lara, couturier Paul Poiret and glassmaker René Lalique. Against imposing Modernist sets by architect Robert Mallet-Stevens and artist Fernand Léger, a young scientist falls in love with the opera singer Claire Lescot and decides to commit suicide after she mocks his advances.