Chronicle of a Love

(aka Story of a Love Affair/ Cronaca di un amore)

Italy 1950. Dir Michelangelo Antonioni.

With L ucia Bosé, Ferdinando Sarmi, Massimo Girotti. 98 min.

One of Martin Scorsese’s all-time favourites, Antonioni’s first feature film is a mature work packed with characteristic sensuality, themes of yearning and jealousy, and a keen interest in high fashion. The film is a labyrinthine story of a love triangle tainted by two enigmatic deaths, and the director’s ode to the deluxe bourgeois girl Paola played by the 1947 Miss Italy, Lucia Bosé . Bosé’s splendid wardrobe was created by the lawyer-turned-costume designer Ferdinando Sarmi (here also cast as her husband Enrico) who was to make a successful career as a fashion designer at Elizabeth Arden and later in his own name.