2008 | The 2nd Fashion in Film Festival in Bristol

If Looks Could Kill

Friday 28 - Sunday 30 November 2008


Fashion in Film Festival at the Arnolfini arts centre, Bristol

From stolen pearls to a glove left at the scene of the crime, from an excess of red lipstick to the postmodern gangster silhouette, the 2nd Fashion in Film Festival: “If Looks Could Kill” explores the compelling links between cinema, fashion, crime and violence. Tackling themes such as disguise , the expression of desire, juvenile delinquency and the corruption of beauty, the festival features a string of underworld characters and their prosecutors whose highly effective costume, styling and sartorial gestures helped define cinematic genres from detective to thriller, gangster, film noir and horror.

Check out the full FFF programme for London in May 2008 here

Themes and Events

Co-Conspirators (New Artists Commissions) + Intro

Exploring a range of subjects such as cursed clothing, obsessive gestures and desires, and the history of the cinematic slap, eight artists have collaborated with the Festival to create new films that explore the themes of “If Looks Could Kill”.

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