2007 | Happy in Arnhem

The 1st Fashion in Film Festival at Arnhem Mode Biennale

15-17 June 2007


In June Fashion in Film Festival was happy together with Arnhem’s Mode Biennale.

The theme of the festival’s second edition was Happy Fashion, celebrating fashion’s positive vibe. The curators’ interpretation of happiness seemed more to do with the conditions of rawness, risk taking and provocation – all part of the creative process – rather than fairy-talish bliss.

Mode Biennale included a never ending catwalk in the city of Arnhem, plus work by Viktor and Rolf, Maison Martin Margiela, Cassette Playa, Henrik Vibskov and Peter Pilotto among many others.

Focus, Filmtheater Arnhem
Korenmarkt 42
6811 GW Arnhem
Telephone: 026 442 42 83
E-mail: info@focusarnhem.nl

Themes and Events

Liquid Sky

In this time-capsule cult favorite, with plenty of early-1980s fashion, a pleasure-seeking alien lands in downtown New York and gets caught up in a world of casual sex and heroin abuse with androgynous hipsters Margaret and Larry (both played by Anne Carlisle). Director Slava Tsukerman, cinematographer Yuri Neyman, and production and costume designer Marina Levikova will introduce the screening.

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Paris Is Burning

A surprise hit when it opened in New York, this documentary reveals the downtown community of black and Latino drag queens who invented “voguing” and competed in lavish drag balls that both embraced and spoofed the world of high fashion.

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“The Enigma of Clothing”

This program celebrates the secret life of clothes and the enigmatic qualities that emanate from the filmic treatment of their materiality. Clothes and cloth, when filmed independent of the body parts that normally give them meaning, are revealed as estranged, dreamlike, playful, and elusive—making them potent carriers of fascination, desire, emotion, and sensual pleasure. Musical score by Karaoke Tundra/Muteme.cz.

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“Shoes, Eroticism, and Fetish”

Women’s shoes trigger amorous behavior and sexual fixations that can cause a breakdown in social etiquette. These films explore various routines of wearing and showing off shoes for the camera, focusing on notions of exhibition, voyeurism, and lust. In the Buñuel film, Jeanne Moreau is a maid at a country estate whose eccentric inhabitants include a boot fetishist.

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“Assuming a Pose” (short film program)

Posing, dressing up, staging, and masking are at the heart of this program, which plays on cinema’s preoccupation with moments where reality meets fiction. “Posing” connotes not just a position or posture of the body, but also artificiality and pretense.

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Who Are You, Polly Maggoo?

Powerful commentary on 1960s fashion and cinematography; Who Are You, Polly Maggoo? (1966, 102 mins., 35mm. William Klein) is an uncompromising parody. Like Antonioni’s Blow-Up, it takes a critical approach to the worlds of fashion and media. Klein (an on-and-off fashion photographer) was a fashion-industry insider, and thus ideally equipped to launch into a thorough investigation of the subject.

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