Taking Stock

2008 | If Looks Could Kill

ICA Symposium

The devil is in the detail and, err… no, it doesn’t always wear Prada. Travel with us through time and space to explore cinema’s stock of looks, sartorial attitudes and gestures that, however subtle or unexpected, are essential to the crime genre.

Chaired by Ken Hollings, a London-based writer whose work appears in a wide range of journals and publications including The Wire, Sight and Sound, Strange Attractor, Frieze, Blast and Nude, and in the anthologies The Last Sex, Digital Delirium, Undercurrents and London Noir. He has written and presented critically acclaimed programmes for BBC Radio 3, Radio 4, Resonance FM, NPS in Holland and ABC Australia. His novel Destroy All Monsters was hailed as ‘a mighty slab of trippy, cult, out-there fiction, mind-bending reading’.



Get Carter

Bleak, violent and stylish. The iconic criminal look exhibited in Get Carter is burnt into the eyes of many. You may as well throw the gangster rulebook out of the window... More »

The Killing Game

She’s a hunter, he’s a victim. They live in a distant future and move in impossibly modernist environments, recalling at the same time the ambiance of comic books and abstract art. More »

I Want That Mink!

One of film noir’s prominent features, if not a necessity, is of course the femme fatale . As well as being an intelligent and powerful woman who inevitably leads men to destruction... More »

Looking Sharp

This talk will consider what it takes to look sharp, building a special case for the turned-up collar. Beginning with the 1940s, Hollywood film has become distinctive for its iconic images of dangerous masculinity... More »

Five Types of Stain

The bloodstained garment is a classic feature of detective fiction, cinema and TV (Stage Fright, CSI, Hush… Hush, Sweet Charlotte), serving as trace, symbol, clue and narrative device... More »

Sopranos’ Bada Bing – More than Gangster Bling?

Forget about the iconic Hollywood gangster figure that, coiffured and manicured to perfection, relies for his on-screen magic on sharply tailored bespoke suits as well as powerful images of masculinity... More »