Criminal Desire

2008 | If Looks Could Kill




The Red Shoes

Korean director Kim Yong-gyun delivers a gripping and darkly haunting horror film in his 2005 adaptation of the 1948 Michael Powel and Emeric Pressburger classic of the same title... More »


Dietrich’s foxy siren Madeleine makes for a supremely aristocratic crook in this Hollywood story set in France and Spain. Dressed for success in magnificent gowns by Travis Banton... More »

The Rat

In a special presentation featuring live music and performance, the BFI invites you to enter the world of "the Rat". Party like it's 1925 with the reprobates of the White Coffin Club after the film in Benugo's. Please dress appropriately!... More »


A pre-talkie release, Asphalt is a stunning gem of expressionist cinema, and a prime example of German “Strassenfilm”. It’s shadowy scenes, the overt eroticism of the fatal woman and diamond thief Else... More »

The Kidnapping of Fux Banker

Made during the time of Czech cinema’s deepening crisis, the country’s film industry had big expectations from this American-style comedy, which did prove an instant box office hit. Depicting a wicked fantasy of a luxurious middle-class lifestyle... More »

Silent Film’s Thieves, Jewel Robberies and Cases of the Lost Glove

Thefts, disguises, investigations, chases and returns to order play an important part in silent film and film serials. Christel Tsilibaris will provide guidance through this selection of charismatic films in which garments and jewels... More »