Yale University, New Haven

2011 | Birds of Paradise, New York


‘Secrets of the Orient’: Duration, Movement and Costume in the Cinematic Experience of the East

11 – 12 November 2011
Whitney Humanities Center, Yale University

Borrowing the title of the 1928 German-French studio spectacular, this symposium will expand on the Orientalist strand in Birds of Paradise. It will consider the movement, duration, texture and other aspects of “dressing” film through costume, sets and props as having played a crucial role in defining Western visions of the East throughout the 20th century. It will also address the use of costume as an important aesthetic device in Asian cinema. Participating speakers will include Charles Musser, Anapuma Kapse, Amy Herzog, Alistair O’Neill, Eugenia Paulicelli, Becky Conekin and Ronald Gregg.

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