The Graduate Center, CUNY

2011 | Birds of Paradise, New York


Presented by the Center for the Humanities, Concentration in Fashion Studies, Film Studies, Women’s Studies and the Center for Gay and Lesbian Studies in conjunction with the Fashion in Film Festival.

The Graduate Center seminars will bring together international scholars with an interest in fashion and film to debate issues of costume, movement and spectacle in cinema. The seminars will also screen rare footage ranging from early European and American film, to underground cinema and contemporary fashion film. 



Metamorphoses: Clothing in Motion from Early Cinema to Contemporary Fashion Film

This seminar will look at clothing and adornment in film as a device of pleasure and sartorial knowledge; one that has had a long history in shaping cinema’s aesthetic languages... More »

Fashion in Film: Europe and America

Since the beginning of cinema in the late-19th century, the role of costume, fabrics and fashion within has been crucial in conveying an aesthetic dimension... More »