Museum of the Moving Image

2011 | Birds of Paradise, New York





Underground Opulence

Bursting with colour, this programme reconnects the avant-garde queer sensibility of the underground film not with its literal inspirations (Hollywood icons such as Alla Nazimova, Marlene Dietrich or Maria Montez)... More »

Drag Glamour

This programme pairs José Rodríguez-Soltero’s lavish Lupe with Ron Rice’s landmark psychedelic masterpiece Chumlum. It features two of the most accomplished uses of superimposition in underground film, transporting drag glamour into a psychedelic, cubist-like dimension... More »

Dreams of Darkness and Colour

This programme explores the role of costume in several silent cinema journeys into darkness, many of which are executed in colour. More »

Double Bill on Costume and Excess (Dedicated to Kenneth Anger)

“Because America is the Pleasure Dome of the world... the materialistic dream is so strong that you have to be of the purity of Parsifal to banish Klingsor’s castle... there’ll always be a penalty to pay for these artificial paradises.” —Kenneth Anger More »

Steven Arnold Special

The artist, photographer, and filmmaker Steven Arnold was a muse and model of Salvador Dalí who always referred to Arnold as his prince. Andy Warhol star Holly Woodlawn claimed that if Warhol’s Factory was typical New York, then the circle around Arnold in Los Angeles was Versailles... More »

Sensuous Pleasures

Flaming Creatures + The Most Wonderful Fans of the World (De mooiste waaiers ter wereld) More »