Shoes, Eroticism and Fetish

2006 | Between Stigma and Enigma

Women’s shoes trigger amorous behaviour and sexual fixations which, in their extreme, can cause a breakdown in social etiquette. Co-curator Christel Tsilibaris will introduce a programme which explores various routines of wearing and showing off shoes for the film camera, focusing on the notions of exhibiting, revealing, voyeurism and morality. Composed of two adverts, a single-situation comic routine, an experimental short and a feature film, this selection of films shows a variety of links between the female shoes and attraction. Starting with displays of shoes as enchanting fashion accessories, the programme goes on to show shoes as ‘characters’ that stimulate and communicate erotic feelings, and finally culminates in a case where shoes substitute for their wearer as an object of sexual desire.

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The Gay Shoe Clerk

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Amor Pedestre

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Diary of a Chambermaid

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